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Keeping to what you know while mapping a new design for the Future.


Pintech Corporation is a multifaceted company with experience in many fields. Pintech is a woman-owned small business located in Wilmington, North Carolina, with a nationwide reach. The staff of Pintech Corporation is a large asset of the research technology company. The staff has a wide variety of shared experience and degrees in many fields. From mapping to graphic design, accounting to drafting, and engineering to marketing, Pintech has formed a collection of knowledgeable employees in order to be prepared to take on a multitude of different projects.


Pintech Corporation was started in Hampton, Virginia in March 1995.  Pintech has been fielding and mapping utilities such as cable and telephone since its inception.  The company moved to Wilmington, North Carolina in February 1997.  Pintech Corporation has entered into key partnerships throughout the years. Adelphia Cable, Charter Communications, Comcast, Cox Cable, Suddenlink, Time Warner Cable, and the United States Federal Government, are some the organizations Pintech has worked with over the years. 

Beginning a project with concise and accurate base or as-built mapping is important for achieving success.  Pintech Corporation provides superior mapping services.  Pintech offers trained, experienced and highly skilled field technicians who recognize the importance of quality, cost efficiency and timeliness.  Field technicians are involved in planning, reviewing project specifications and creating accurate, detailed field maps. 

Mapping has allowed Pintech Corporation to keep a diverse portfolio of partnerships and clients.  There is a wide range of maps that can be available to meet a clients needs.  This variety gives many mapping options and final product offerings.

The creation of maps can be done with many different software programs. Pintech has  experience in a variety of these programs and are adaptable to use whatever program the client prefers


Pintech Corporation uses the clients’ specific software preferences and transforms fielded or researched information into accurate maps or documents.  Pintech’s drafting department skillfully transforms the written information into digital images, linked to an intelligent database.  Taking the time to get to know the clients wants and needs, Pintech can determine the best method to effectively get the project completed.  Being flexible and adaptable gives Pintech an edge in a constantly changing business atmosphere.   Drafting puts much emphasis on accuracy and precession but also involves a high amount of creativity and problem solving skills.  The Pintech drafters offer both, compliance and innovation for the client.  Every drafting project Pintech Corporation is guaranteed to meet the needs of the individual client. Every drafting project Pintech Corporation is guaranteed to meet the needs of the individual client. 


The Pintech design team has experience in adding layers to a drafted document and creating more value to the project.  The complex layering of design services allow clients a vast array of information for business operations.  Pintech provides the necessary materials in the design process to allow for easier creation of reports, cost analysis, bill of materials, service data and essential sales data. 

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