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Pintech Corporation

Specialist in the Mapping Industry

Engineers Working Around the Country

Cable Upgrades/ Rebuilds

Pintech has experience in all aspects of the cable television and fiber optic industry.


Pintech produces the field work and creates these permits top the exact specifications of the client.

Power Planning

Pintech’s team will guide the client through the planning stage of according to their specific requirements.

Site Development

Pintech will help develop new construction projects, property redevelopment, and public works expansion projects require site preparation.

Surveillance Cameras

Pintech will protect property, securing confidential sites, or monitoring activities, surveillance cameras and equipment are necessary assets of a business.


Pintech staffs licensed professionals to meet a wide range of surveying needs.

What is Pintech Corporation

Pintech Corporation is a research technology firm based in Wilmington, North Carolina. Pintech Corporation utilizes software programs to accurately and efficiently execute a wide number of task orders.

Persevere. Achieve success. Get the job done.

The Pintech Corporation has executed projects ranging from mapping entire systems, mapping sub-divisions, designing cable systems, or merely producing permits for leased utility poles. Our team performs projects throughout the country, showing our diverse education and experience, allowing you to achieve sucess with every venture. 

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