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About Us

Pintech’s team has a wide variety of experience in a wide range of fields. Our engineers are utilized in all aspects of Pintech’s business and are a great asset to the company.

Pintech Corporation is a multifaceted, woman-owned company with experience in many fields, and a nationwide reach.

Pintech Corporation is a research technology firm based in Wilmington, North Carolina. Pintech Corporation utilizes software programs to accurately and efficiently execute a wide number of task orders. Pintech has worked with a wide range of private and governmental organizations. We have provided such technical services as digital mapping, drafting, cable and fiber optic layout and design, call center creation and management, as well as various field related tasks.

Pintech Corporation began in 1995 as an engineering, digital mapping, and design company that specializes in creating maps for the cable, telecommunications, and data entry industries when they needed customized maps for their business needs. The 21st Century has moved Pintech into greater and larger territories by working with custom security issues for small and medium sized organizations plus, Pintech has used our unique internal resources to provide an exceptional product for niche markets.


Pintech Corporation is constantly adapting to meet the demands of a continuously changing business environment. Pintech Corporation trained for and completed the requirements to become OSHA certified in various fields. This certification is an important requirement for a large variety construction projects for future opportunities. Pintech Corporation believes in the safest work environment to ensure its employees’ and clients’ safety.

Classroom sessions with an American Heart Association® instructor certified all Pintech employees in the Heartsaver® First-Aid Program. Ensuring workplace safety gives clients and project managers confidence and a greater sense of security. Pintech Corporation has committed to re-certify all employees every two years, keeping up-to-date with new procedures and techniques.

Persevere. Achieve success. Get the job done.

The Pintech Corporation has executed projects ranging from mapping entire systems, mapping sub-divisions, designing cable systems, or merely producing permits for leased utility poles. Our team performs projects throughout the country, showing our diverse education and experience, allowing you to achieve sucess with every venture. 

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