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Pintech’s team has a wide variety of experience in a wide range of fields. Our engineers are utilized in all aspects of Pintech’s business and are a great asset to the company.

Pintech Corporation provides superior mapping services.

Pintech offers trained, experienced and highly skilled field technicians who recognize the importance of quality, cost efficiency and timeliness. Field technicians are involved in planning, reviewing project specifications and creating accurate, detailed field maps. Pintech’s qualified technicians stays current with today’s standards and is asked to meet rigorous demands. The crew uses industry equipment from wheels to laser range finders, to accurately execute a project. The chief field technician for Pintech has over 30 years of experience in the utilities’ industry. The team has superior knowledge and training of equipment and telecommunication systems. Pintech relies on the field technicians for insight and knowledgeable recommendations.

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Field Map Arial

Field Map Underground

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