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Pintech’s team has a wide variety of experience in a wide range of fields. Our engineers are utilized in all aspects of Pintech’s business and are a great asset to the company.

Drafting merges the fielding with design processes.

Once fielded, Pintech’s drafting department skillfully transforms the written maps into digital images linked to an intelligent database. Drafters are educated in many software programs designed to efficiently digitize the acquired information. Most of our drafting is done in AutoCAD and Bentley. The design team can then add layers of information on top of the image, focusing on creating efficiencies rather than fielding issues. Drafting plans or drafting maps requires detailed layers to identify and highlight specifics. Pintech, being experts in the field, give special attention to providing these “extras” which become our “standards”.

Field Map Aerial

Field Map Underground

Draft Map Aerial

Draft Map Underground

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