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What We Do

Pintech Corporation is a research technology firm based in Wilmington, North Carolina. Pintech Corporation utilizes software programs to accurately and efficiently execute a wide number of task orders.

Mapping Services


Drafting merges the fielding with design processes. Once fielded, Pintech’s drafting department skillfully transforms the written maps into digital images linked to an intelligent database. Drafters are educated in many software programs designed to efficiently digitize the acquired information. Most of our drafting is done in AutoCAD and Bentley. The design team can then add layers of information on top of the image, focusing on creating efficiencies rather than fielding issues. Drafting plans or drafting maps requires detailed layers to identify and highlight specifics. Pintech, being experts in the field, give special attention to providing these “extras” which become our “standards”.


Pintech Corporation provides superior mapping services. Pintech offers trained, experienced and highly skilled field technicians who recognize the importance of quality, cost efficiency and timeliness. Field technicians are involved in planning, reviewing project specifications and creating accurate, detailed field maps. Pintech’s qualified technicians stays current with today’s standards and is asked to meet rigorous demands. The crew uses industry equipment from wheels to laser range finders, to accurately execute a project. The chief field technician for Pintech has over 30 years of experience in the utilities’ industry. The team has superior knowledge and training of equipment and telecommunication systems. Pintech relies on the field technicians for insight and knowledgeable recommendations.


The complex layering of design services allows clients a vast array of information essential for business operations. To utilize the full benefits of Pintech’s design program, the clients will be guided through a layered process from project planning through fielding and drafting. This synchronized process creates beneficial results. Using the clients equipment specifications, company standards, and recommended software. Pintech tailors each project for the clients’ anticipated needs. The products produced by Pintech create reports, cost analysis, bill of materials, service data, as well as essential sales data.

Persevere. Achieve success. Get the job done.

The Pintech Corporation has executed projects ranging from mapping entire systems, mapping sub-divisions, designing cable systems, or merely producing permits for leased utility poles. Our team performs projects throughout the country, showing our diverse education and experience, allowing you to achieve sucess with every venture. 

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