“Securing Company Success Through Diversity”

-Pintech Corporation reaches success in Security Camera Solutions
Pintech Corporation is a multifaceted company with experience in many fields.  Pintech is a woman-owned small business located in Wilmington, North Carolina, with a nationwide reach.  The staff of Pintech Corporation is a large asset of the research technology company.  The staff has a wide variety of shared experience and degrees in many fields.  From mapping to graphic design, accounting to drafting, and engineering to marketing, Pintech has formed a collection of knowledgeable employees in order to be prepared to take on a multitude of different projects.

Security is Everyone’s Business

Whether you are a corporate executive, a small business owner, or a head of household: Security is your business.  Pintech will meet your needs with a variety of security options.  Pintech will consult with you or your business to determine the best security solutions. 

Halyburton Naval Health Clinic-Cherry Point


Pintech Corporation installed cameras throughout the Halyburton Naval Health Clinic.  The three-story building was opened in 1994.  Since then, security upgrades have been necessary to keep up with new standards and protocols.    Pintech Corporation has been involved in upgrading and improving the system since January 2006.  The system has included digital video recorders (DVRs), flat panel monitors, motion sensors, custom-made stainless steel brackets, pan-tilt (PTZ) cameras, and fixed day/night cameras. 

The hospital required both indoor and outdoor camera systems. Pintech used all Sony and General Electric equipment to comply with the high standards set by both the client and us. Pintech installed cameras in the outdoor parking areas and all entry points of the building.  Inside the hospital, Pintech installed cameras in areas of high priority such as the pharmacy, medical storage area, command post and the secure server room.  The entire system was hard wired back to an area called “the quarter deck” where the observation takes place and all cameras are synchronized on the monitors.  

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