Digital Television Transition

Digital Television Transition

The first outreach contract for the FCC was award in January 2009. The contract was a grassroots outreach and installation-assistance contract contingent on the initial nationwide switch date of February 17, 2009. The contract was for the four state region and had to be up and running in two weeks time from the award date. This massive undertaking proved to be unproblematic for the team at Pintech. Four individual state offices were secured and staffed within this period. The main office in Wilmington, NC was prepared to be the central headquarters and hired the necessary support staff to man the call center and central database.


The second outreach contract for the FCC award in May 2009. The contract was to provide assistance in a mobile variety around the state of West Virginia. This mobile help center provided a physical place, staffed by technical experts, where the public would be able to have easy access to assistance. The center traveled around the state with scheduled stops at weekend summer festivals that provided easy and convenient access to the consumers. Pintech also scheduled help sessions at senior centers, libraries, and housing authorities, which brought help to the targeted audience.

Call Center

The large regional undertaking meant that a high importance needed to be placed on proper communication. Separate toll free numbers were established for each state and manned at the central office. Each state also had multiple telephone lines for local consumers and media outlets.

More than 10,000 calls came into the call center during the DTV transition period.

The callers were properly assisted and directed by trained personnel. The call center was used for a variety of information purposes. The call center properly directed callers to information seminars or events happening in their local area as well as assistance over the phone. The double-tiered approach gave the consumers more options and gave Pintech a larger reach in providing assistance.


The database, created by Pintech Corporation, was an important addition to the call center operations. All calls were logged into an intelligent database and information was entered in order to be able to filter for individual needs. The database provided each state with the information they needed to properly execute outreach plans. The database gave names and contact information of citizens who needed assistance and also showed trends of problems in certain geographical areas. If a large number of people were calling about a specific issue in a certain area, the state managers could use that information to effectively address the concerns.

The database was an essential part of performing proper and accurate outreach. The multiple uses gave synchronicity to the project and formed team cohesion.

Brochure and Print Media Creation 

Pintech produced various brochures and media packets. An array of different brochures were created to effectively convey the message. Over 600,000 copies were printed and distributed over the period of the two contracts. These informational brochures gave detailed instructions and basic information on the DTV switch. They also included flyers and posters that were spread throughout the states to announce the help centers and instructional seminars.

Meeting Planning

Members of the Pintech group also bring hospitality and conference/event planning experience. With connections in the industry, along with experience, Pintech is able to provide exceptional event planning and convention creation. Event planning is a multi-task related duty and must accurately have each aspect executed before the whole project can come together. Tasks include travel and hotel arrangements, equipment rental, menus, event layouts and time schedules, along with registration and promotion of the event. Staff members experienced in this field will pull everything together and will make the event seem effortless and ensure success of the project.

Pintech’s Total Publicity Value (TPV)


In a one-month period, Pintech’s marketing and outreach push provided over half a million impressions (views) on local, regional and national various media outlets with a Total Publicity Value (TPV) of nearly $24,000 in free media exposure

Our marketing and public relation staff would: analyze the various marketing situations, obtain key marketing information, plan possible goals, strategies and tactics and provide ways to implement the process. Pintech Corporation would put together a helpful marketing tool kit that would be easy to understand and useful as a guide and resource when marketing needs arise. The marketing tool kit would help everyone involved pursue similar actions, increase exposure, grow awareness and deepen lasting relationships with their client base.

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